The Gentle Giants of the Sea

During the months of June to late September we are lucky enough to be host to the migrating Whale Sharks as they make their way around the world. Passing through the waters just north of Cancun adventurers have the opportunity to head out in to the ocean and swim alongside these ‘Gentle Giants of the Sea’.

Measuring up to the size of a yellow school bus, the grace that these creatures exude is impressive and stunning. Eating only plankton, they skim the surface of the Sea with a wide mouth (about 3 feet in width!) taking in as much of these tiny organisms as they can until they dip below the surface again. With a well-trained and knowlegable guide at your side, you will be fortunate enough to snorkel and experience these amazing fish, the second largest species in the ocean.

The peacefulness and tranquility that accompany this tour will make it one of the most amazing experiences of your life.


We can help with your plans for snorkeling with the whalesharks.  It is a lot for 1 day so we recommend taking at least 2 days for this experience.  We arrange your transportation and accommodations on the small island of Holbox, just north of Cancun at one of many adorable boutique hotels.

Enjoy a boat ride to the island, pamper yourself with a healing massage or a private yoga class, and wake up early ready for the experience of a lifetime!  Holbox will charm you with its small town island feel and laid back style.


Package rates vary depending upon availability.  These tours and accommodations are in high demand so we recommend booking as early as possible.  Please contact us for more information.


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