The best tacos al pastor in Tulum


I have done my research on this one, trust me and no doubt about it, Antojitos La Chiapaneca rocks the house when it comes to their tacos al pastor (and their sopes, panuchos, empanadas, and salbutes too!!).  This little hole-in-the-wall is located on the main avenue in Tulum pueblo on the right side of the road near the end of all the action (right past The Weary Traveler hostel).

Antojitos la Chiapaneca

I usually order a couple of tacos al pastor (topped with a small slice of pineapple of course!), a sope con pollo (with chicken) or carne (grilled pieces of steak), and lately a salbute with one of the same as above.   Take advantage of the ‘fixin’s’ they have in large ceramic bowls lined up by the kitchen.  Top all of your goodies with raw onions & cilantro, a cole slaw mix, a squeeze of lime, and the green salsa (a mix of avocado & lime).  If you like it spicy go for the red salsa, but trust me when I tell you, a dab’ll do ya!  it. is. hot.

To drink they have an assortment of sodas, mineral water, horchata (rice water) & agua de jamaica (hibiscus flower water) both of which are staples around here.  Always pretty heavy-handed on the sugar so I try to have a bottle of water around to cut it as I drink…

The place is only open for dinner and you should brush up on your Spanish, as far as I know they don’t speak much English.  The menu has pictures so you can get pretty far by pointing and a bit of charades (which is how I got by for the first year or so living here, that and a basic spanish dictionary in hand!).  Books like the Lonely Planet World Food Mexico are pocket-size and very helpful with food and restaurant phrases and words (not to mention super informative as to what you should look for while you are in the area and specialties by region).

So there you have it…the best al pastor in town. Definitely not to be missed! Buen provecho my friends ; )


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