Summer in the sun!

the view as you approach the lake is pretty sweeeet.

In the summer in Tulum your goal pretty much daily is to find water…any body of water will do and luckily here in paradise we have lots to choose from!  We have the gorgeous and (lately very flat) Caribbean Sea at our doorstep, we have the refreshing and oh so beautiful cenotes unique only to the Yucatan, and we also have the nature preserve of Sian Ka’an which is home to many many bodies of water.

So this past weekend, while all the USAers were having their BBQs and lighting their fireworks, we visited the monkey reserve at Punta Laguna.

Apparently there was some kind of trouble between the monkey troups here at the lagoon, howler monkeys vs. spider monkeys so we didn’t get a chance to see them as they were chasing each other around the lake at the particular time we visited.  I like to stay out of people’s problems and this one seemed pretty intense so we were happy to jump in the water for a dip and take a little spin in the canoe (with our trusty Mayan guide doing most of the rowing!)

I do most of my exploring in this beautiful land with my family.  They are game for pretty much whatever falls into our path and for that I am eternally grateful.  Hey, it could be a lot worse, right?!

We’ll go back for the Zipline over the lake and the trek around the jungle in search of monkeys high in the trees!


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