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JANUARY 28, 2016 | BY SUP THE MAGAZINE’S JAYME MOYE shop-talk-downunder-RS-yoga Admit it, you’re interested. These escapes turn your board into a yoga mat, among other warm-weather indulgences. Yoga Adventures Tulum Tulum, Mexico 6 days, from $985; February 24- March 1/ April 14-19/ May 19-24 Since 2008, Yoga Adventures Tulum has hosted affordable, off-the-grid yoga retreats on the Riviera Maya. Besides SUP, founder Christina Thomas has assembled a half-dozen other flavors of yoga retreats. The SUP retreat features Yucatan Peninsula native Luna Limon, a certified yoga instructor and standup paddler who’s been teaching SUP yoga for two years. Aspiring yogis stay at Utopia Utopia, a seven-bedroom eco-lodge and yoga studio on the beach. Limon teaches a daily vinyasa yoga practice at the oceanfront studio and daily SUP yoga sessions in a cenote, or lagoon. Off the mat, choose from a variety of unique spa treatments like the Mayan healing massage with a shaman, or outdoor activities ranging from snorkeling with sea turtles to touring Maya cultural sites. Expect healthy Mexican breakfasts and lunches prepared onsite at Utopia by a native Yucatan chef, with dinnertime free to experience Tulum’s foodie scene (and mezcal cocktails). BONUS: SUP Yoga sessions are often held on the tranquil waters of Sian Ka’an, an 800,000-acre biosphere reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site with 23 known Maya archeological sites.


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Remote Getaways

Yoga Adventures Tulum  Tulum, Mexico  Striking warrior III on the beach while watching the sun rise, accompanied by the sound of ocean waves… It may sound like a far-off (and unaffordable) pipe dream for most land-locked yogis, but thanks to this company, it can be your reality. They offer customizable retreats for yogis of any level in a casual, eco-friendly lodge on the beaches of Tulum (you can also check out options in Greece, Morocco, and other exotic locales). The five-night retreats include two daily yoga practices, daily breakfast and lunch, and optional activities like SUP yoga and spa services. At night, you can unplug and unwind or head into town and dance with the locals. This is a great choice for solo travelers, as you’re practically guaranteed to make friends at the group meals and classes. Rates: Starting at $945 for five-night retreats Cool perk: Mexican food fans can take a cooking class with a professional local chef to learn to create their own handmade tortillas, salsa, ceviche, and empanadas.


Top 5 Yoga Retreat Centers in Tulum

By YOGASCAPES December 18, 2014

Tulum is perhaps one of the most spiritually abundant little beach towns I’ve ever experienced.

You can’t walk down the beach with out stepping on someone meditating, or into a hotel that doesn’t offer yoga. The food is healthy and delicious, the water is warm and healing. People wake for the sunrise over the ocean and climb towers to see it set over the jungle. Sweat lodges, mayan ceremony, underground crystal clear water caves, massage and healing are in available in abundance.  You may have also heard that Brooklyn moved to Tulum and you’re not wrong. Don’t worry, you can still experience the magic of Tulum without staying in the posh, pretentious corporate retreat centers on most “Tulum Guides”.

3. Utopia
Abundant Offerings – Solo Travel and Fun-loving Retreat

If you’re looking for an escape from the city and a launching point to explore Tulum/Mexico, Utopia Guesthouse is a charming and affordable place to dig your toes in with a great community and a lot of yoga retreats to choose from!



 | By Leigh Weingus   Posted:
Yoga Adventures Tulum

Yoga Adventures’ Mesmerized in Marrakech retreat

What it is: An affordable yoga retreat program in Tulum, Mexico. Accommodations, activities and yoga classes are suggested, and retreat-goers can choose their own adventures.

Who’s behind it: Christina Thomas started Yoga Adventures in 2008 when the economic crisis left her without a job. Because she had already spent quite a bit of time in Tulum and loved it there, Thomas packed her bag and headed south of the border.

Although Thomas wasn’t a yoga teacher — she was an interior designer in New York before her move to Tulum — she had been practicing for years. So when she was asked to teach classes here and there she agreed. Eventually, she began organizing retreats. What started as a side job quickly turned into a booming business.

“Our retreats were getting so popular that we needed to have our own space,” Thomas told HuffPost. “So a friend of mine came over and said, ‘There’s a house on the beach that someone’s trying to rent out,’ and I said, ‘Oh, that really ugly crappy one?’ So I put on my interior design cap and renovated the house and turned it into a six-bedroom retreat space. We added more rooms last year.”

Thomas hosted a retreat in Morocco this year and has one planned for Greece in 2015. Despite the program’s rapid expansion, Thomas’ main goal is to keep her retreats affordable. Programs require a $350 deposit, but guests may end up spending less depending on their choice of lodging and length of their stay. Airfare is not included.

“There are a lot of retreats out there that aren’t that affordable,” she said. “I wanted to offer something that was a valuable package for a good price. We have a lot of amazing local teachers, and that helps us keep our price point low because the teacher doesn’t have to travel — they already have a place to stay.”


Build Your Own Yoga Retreat

Yoga Adventures TulumFor the budget-minded yoga practitioner longing to go on retreat (which pretty much describes me whenever I’m not traveling for this kind of assignment), Christina Thomas is a guardian angel. A longtime yoga enthusiast, Thomas in 2008 left her hectic New York City job as an interior designer to live full-time in Tulum. She hasn’t looked back. “Tulum is a magical place that draws you in and slows you down,” she says. Intent on sharing that magic, Thomas turned her creative attention to designing retreats; she is now co-owner and founder of Yoga Adventures Tulum, a travel service that helps people design their own visits. Would-be retreaters let Thomas know how much they have to spend, and she finds a way to get them on the sugar-sand beach for a week of daily yoga classes and lodging — for as little as USD $575. Her approach depends on how many people are traveling.  Sometimes she helps small groups find a house to rent on or near the beach, sets them up with a teacher for daily classes at the house, and stocks the refrigerator with cooking essentials before they arrive. She can even arrange for a massage therapist to come to the house.

By Courtney Helgoe / January – February 2012   Read the full article


“The majestic Mayan ruins of Tulum are located right above the white sand beaches of Mexico’s Caribbean coast. It is one of the most popular day trips for tourists from the resort areas of Cancun and Playa de Carmen. Yoga Adventures Tulum provides custom-made yoga retreats and acts as a booking agent for a handful of yoga retreat centers in the area that offers all inclusive vacations. Guests choose their own amenities, such as private or group yoga classes, scuba diving and kite boarding and various accommodations categories. Both custom and all-inclusive yoga vacations occur on the beach near the ancient ruins or in the surrounding jungle.” Yoga Adventures Tulum www.

by Vincent Madrone, Demand Media / March, 2011  Read the full article

The Next Flight Out of Here

“If the only way for you to get on track is to get out of Dodge, you might be tempted by a new, laid-back, seven-day yoga retreat in Tulum. It’s run by a fun, young NYC transplant, who’s booked an adorable eco boutique hotel on the beach and arranged for daily yoga, meditation, massage, excursions, dinner, dancing, and seaside lounging with drinks.  You wouldn’t want to be too good.”  

by Jeralyn Gerba, Daily Candy NY  / January 12, 2009  Read the full article

love from our guests…

“Experience of a life time, I couldn’t think of a way to have made this trip any better. Teaching yoga on the beach in the beautiful yoga room was the perfect setting. The picturesque scenery and earth connection in the house was breath taking. The Shaman massage was unexplainably life changing. Friends and connections were made that will carry in my heart.”
–Kelly T.
Yoga Teacher; April 2016

–Sharon S.  April, 2016

I just wanted to thank you so warmly for a wonderful week in Tulum. I really loved your spot, your staff, the food, the vibe, the yoga, and virtually every single person 😉 that I met along the way. I feel totally revivified, rejuvenated, and revitalized.  I fully intend on making my way back to Tulum sometime in the (hopefully not too distant) future and hope things align so I can come back to Utopia for another retreat.
–Daniel E.
New York, NY  November, 2014

Thanks so much for such a wonderful ten days! You’ve created a really special place with the guesthouse that was affordable for me and good respite from the business of my life here in LA.  I hope to see you again soon!
–Adam L.
Los Angeles, CA  August, 2014

I just wanted to thank you so sincerely for an incredible visit I had to Tulum. There is something palpable in what you’ve created, but I am unable to articulate it. Perhaps it is the magic of the right people, the right place, and the right time. The generosity and love was something I came in search of, and boy—was I lucky in landing in the right spot. You’ve clearly worked so hard to create a beautiful space, and be intentional about hiring the right people and doing great business. And all of that does not go without notice. But what is truly spectacular are those moments we spent sitting around the table—with complete strangers, and the ability you have to make everyone feel at ease and at home. I could gush on for another 14 paragraphs, but instead I will leave it short and sweet. My one week spent in Tulum was nothing shy of magic. And it is what I think life is truly all about—going beyond your own previously built boundaries and finding that just beyond those spots are the most remarkable people with whom you can create the most precious memories.

I know I will be back. Until then, fare well and take pride in all that you’ve created. I am so happy to have met you and so grateful to have stayed at Utopia.

–Tawney H.
Santa Cruz, CA  July, 2014


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