My Design Project Manifestation


You know they say that if you ‘put it out there’ it will come?  For me it is usually those subtle thoughts that occur and reoccur where I see a result from the Uni.  Amazing how the big things that you are almost begging for, pushing for, never seem to come to fruition but like the tortoise and the hare, ‘slow and steady wins the race’…or so it was with my latest design project.

For 5 years in Tulum my life had been pretty void of design.  I nested a bit when I was preggy with my son, we painted and decorated a little to a few houses but nothing with much gusto as it never felt more than temporary.

A culmination of retreat planning, yoga practicing, hotel assessments, Tulum tourism, and providing travelers with a vacation that they design helped to define the space and most importantly, as always, what not to do…

These are some examples of the house when I stumbled upon it, in the process, and of course you can see more of the finished product (or work in progress I should say) on our Accommodations page, at Utopia’s website or check it out for yourself at one of our Upcoming Retreats (total plug!).

entrance & dining area before

L1165722 IMG_0649

L1165725  L1165728 IMG_0623

IMG_0625 IMG_0602



IMG_2813-ready-L sirena diningafter

bathrooms before

L1165717 IMG_0631 L1165718 L1165715

bathrooms after

    IMG_2968-ready-L (1)

kitchen before (AFTERs TO BE TAKEN)

L1165726  L1165740

studio entrance before

L1165729  L1165731  IMG_0532


studioafter classale

studio before & after

IMG_0531 IMG_0605

IMG_0613 studioafter2

 mudcircle oceanview

house exterior before

L1165746  L1165749

L1165747  L1165750

house exterior after

house beachbabies

utopiaext footbath

living room before & after

IMG_0517  IMG_0518

IMG_0648  interiorafter

IMG_0521 interiorafter2

IMG_0628 LR2 IMG_0520

lookupafter livingroom

intwalls alter2

El Tigre before and after

IMG_0524  IMG_2868-ready-L

zebra & vaca after

IMG_2819-ready-L  IMG_2875-ready-L

we-love-yoga- vaca flowers

Sandia before & after (needs to be re-shot)

IMG_0604  IMG_0609

IMG_2806-ready-L IMG_2826-ready-L

sirena after

IMG_2888-ready-L interior IMG_2899-ready-L

sol after

IMG_2846-ready-L IMG_2840-ready-L

This is a video of a before tour during construction.


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