Mexican Pozole


I am not sure how long this little gem has been open on the outskirts of Tulum town but I just happened by the other day and what a treat!!!!  Pozole is a traditional Mexican dish of corn hominy, meat of your choice, and either white, green or red broth.  You add lettuce, radish, onions, cilantro, lime, and whatever spicy sauces your palate desires to this bowl of homemade goodness.  It is served with tortilla chips on the side.

They also have a few other items on the menu (it’s on a whiteboard outfront).  we ordered a quesadilla with chicken and a sope with chorizo and potatoes.  Both with handmade tortillas and fresh oaxacan cheese.

the place is adorable and of course affordable.  it is located on the very last street running parallel to the main avenue to the right.  The roads are not marked so well at this point as they are just now starting to develop that section of Tulum so you’ll just need to drive down that last road until you see it.  It is towards the end of the town though if that helps.  An adventure in the Tulum pueblo is always a fun, eye candy-filled experience!

this one definitely gets 2 thumbs up in my book and will be added to our Recommended Restaurant list with a big gold star!  They are open until 4pm daily except Mondays.  GO!


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